PSF for non-woven Virgin/Recycled HC

Virgin polyester is not sustainable because it is made from petroleum-based products, which require a significant amount of energy and resources to produce. Additionally, the production of virgin polyester contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, making it an unsustainable material.

Virgin polyester is made from a combination of petroleum-based products, including ethylene, propylene, and benzene. These products are combined to create a polymer, which is then processed and spun into fibers to create polyester fabric.

No, virgin polyester is not toxic. However, it is important to note that some dyes and finishes used on polyester fabrics may contain toxic chemicals, so it is best to check the product label before buying.

Highly Permeable Virgin Polyester Fiber Supplier 

Kunming Dragon Lake Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a Chinese virgin polyester exporter for various applications. These applications include upholstery, quilts, bedding, hygienic wipes, filter bags, face masks, etc. For better quality and thickness of virgin polyester, you can always choose Dragon Lake. The higher the thickness, the more cushioning will be in your products. Industries need our pure fiber because we are a trusted virgin polyester fiber exporter in other regions also. From 1.2 deniers to 15 deniers, we have different densities for polyester fibers. This extensive range of fiber density is our main work to give options to our clients. Multiple ranges of polyester deniers will help them meet every need of production. That is why we work on them so precisely. We are the best choice for that, too, if you are looking for a recycled virgin polyester manufacturer.


Options for Both Dyed and White Polyester Staples 

Whether you need white or dyed polyester staples, we have both. As a virgin polyester fiber supplier, we provide both options to our clients. In that way, they can meet colored polyester as well as non-colored polyester requirements. Our polyester fiber staples provide great cushioning in upholstery, bedding, and similar applications. Not only this, but we also ensure the density level of each fiber for better production of polyester goods. Bedding, home decoration, stuffed toys, automobile interior, and clothing require denser fiber for higher comfort. That is why we are also a recycled virgin polyester manufacturer in China. To fulfill those needs, we supply only supreme-quality polyester staples. 


Offering You Virgin Polyester in Bulk at Cut-Price 

Dragon Lake offers cut rates to every buyer in the world. So, if you are looking for a virgin polyester fiber wholesale manufacturer, you can approach us. Our clients seek low rates for better cost-profit margins in the market. We are a wholesale manufacturer that has a massive number of machinery for bulk production. For this purpose, we ensure to supply them with virgin polyester at very affordable rates. Dragon Lake continuously works to evolve its production for the maximum advantage its clients get. You can also be our client for all these low-cost advantages. Therefore, buyers with variable MOQs can contact us for virgin polyester fiber wholesale prices. 


How Can Dragon Lake Give You Multiple Benefits?

Kunming Dragon Lake Import and Export Co., Ltd. has been in this business since 2010. As an established virgin polyester supplier in the world, we make it affordable for every client of ours. We will ensure consistency, sustainability, and integrity in doing business with you. We produce 50,000 tons of polyester fiber annually. Our mega machines with skilled workers will meet all your orders on time. We have clients who are spread far and wide in over 25 countries of the world. Likewise, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Australia, and Africa are those regions mainly. It is because of our commitment and dedication to you. Dragon Lake is more than a virgin polyester manufacturer for its clients.