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Dragon Lake was founded in 2010, which is the manufacturer and supplier of virgin and recycled polyester staple fiber for stuffing and spinning. We invested a polyester staple fiber factory in Ningbo city, which increase its capacity to 50,000 tons per year.

With two modernized production lines, advanced testing equipment, unique technology and professional quality control system. We make virgin hollow conjugated siliconized & non-siliconized fiber from 3D to 20D with different cut length and solid & hollow microfiber 0.8D to 1.5D. Our products being present in more than 25 countries including Asia, Middle East Africa, Oceania, America, etc. and enjoying good reputation.

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Solid fibers are fibers that are composed of a single, continuous filament or strand of material. Examples of solid fibers include nylon, polyester, and rayon. These types of fibers are usually manufactured through a process called melt spinning, in which the polymer is melted and then extruded into thin filaments.

Virgin polyester is not sustainable because it is derived from petroleum-based materials and is not biodegradable. Additionally, the production of virgin polyester releases harmful emissions and pollutants into the environment, which can have long-lasting negative impacts on the environment.

Yes, recycled polyester can be long-lasting. Recycled polyester is made from post-consumer plastic bottles and other recycled materials, which are then melted down and processed into new fibers. This process is much more resource-efficient than producing virgin polyester, and the resulting fabric can be just as durable.

Discover Pure Polyester Fiber Exporter for Tranquil-Quality Fabric

Your search for the most exclusive polyester fiber is over now. It is because of Kunming Dragon Lake Import and Export Co., Ltd. We are a polyester fiber supplier in China with the most satisfying quality of fiber. We provide pure polyester for quilts, upholstery, bedding, hygienic wipes, sleeping bags, filter bags, backpacks, face masks, etc. From 0.9 deniers to 20 deniers, our polyester fiber has an unbeatable quality. You can have multiple types here. Namely, non-woven virgin and recycled, flame retardant filling, solid polyester, etc. From the outer layer to the filling, each application is possible with our virgin and recycled types of polyester.  

We Supply Both Dyed and White Polyester Fibers   

Due to various reasons, many industries use dyed as well as white polyester fiber. As a polyester fiber exporter, we fulfill every demand of our clients. Textile, Automotive, and plush toys industries have the highest usage of polyester fiber. The textile industry has a massive division of applications from clothing to upholstery. We supply every kind of polyester fiber as per the need in the industry.  


Bulk Buying of Polyester Fiber at Unbelievable Cut-Price  

We are a wholesale supplier of polyester fiber in China. You can approach us for bulk orders at low rates. We aim to meet every buyer’s MOQ with our cut-price feature. As a polyester fiber exporter, we help our clients meet their cost-profit margin with a better ratio. We make it possible with the help of our mega production daily. An average of 50,000 tons of production is our reason for supplying polyester fiber at wholesale price. Many buyers need a wholesale supplier of polyester fiber in China to help them with bulk supply. This is why we work persistently to reach that large scale of production.


Why Do Buyers Choose Dragon Lake?

Kunming Dragon Lake Import and Export Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing polyester fiber since 2010 in China. As a polyester fiber supplier, we believe in uniformity, integrity, and persistence. Also, our mega machines and highly-skilled workers make it convenient to fulfill every order on time. We have clients in over 25 countries in the world. We continuously work with the aim of supplying them with bulk polyester fiber in Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Australia, and Africa. If you also want to get an advantage in the market with the supreme quality of polyester fiber, you can start your journey with us.